Your time to shine, or to just recline

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Me time, self-care – they seem to be the buzz words of the day, but what exactly does it look like when in reality you’ve forgotten what colour the tiles are on the laundry floor, because you have resigned to walking on a cloud of dirty clothes. And the kids are asking for the millionth time that day – what’s for dinner? Whether you’re a new parent or one that’s been in the game for a while now you’re probably thinking the same thing – sounds nice but can I take a raincheck?

So how do we find the time? How do we put ourselves number one when society seems to tell us that our kids must come first. Cast your mind to the last time you packed up the kids and went on a good old fashioned roadtrip. You know the drill – the packing, the repacking, the “are we there yet”’s and the sheer relief when you finally reach your destination! No matter how frantic the lead up is, we always check we have enough fuel! Because the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the highway waiting for roadside assistance! Much like parenting, if you’re running on empty you can’t fill the tanks of those around you.

Me time doesn’t have to be a big deal – it might be enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea as opposed to the usual cold murky liquid that you’re faced with when you finally get around to drinking it. Or calling in the cavalry (also known as the grandparents or bestie) to watch the kids while you try your hand at an art class. Or why not pop the little ones in the stroller and walk down to the local coffee shop and enjoy some time out of the house (and some incidental exercise along the way). There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but looking after ourselves needs to be a priority to keep ourselves happy and well.  If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you started, why not download our “Me Time Bingo” – packed full of simple ideas to squeeze some self-care into your week!

If you find that the thought of leaving the house makes you shudder, or you just seem to find it hard to muster up the energy to get up and moving, remember the team at parentline are always happy to have a chat. Or why not head to oneplace and connect with a service in your area.

Last Updated: 23 June 2021