Owning it – our parenting strengths


Feeling confident as a parent is a bit like trying to grab a wet fish. We might think we have it for a split second, but unexpected twists and turns have that feeling of confidence slipping through our fingers. Because parenting changes every day – a new challenge, a new question, new embarrassments and mistakes, and new places to grow. And there are times that we can think… wow, I’m really not sure what I’m doing here. So, how do we grab hold of parenting confidence when we’re feeling so uncertain?

No family is perfect

First thing is to remember no household is perfect – they’re swirling with highs and lows, mess and chaos, tears, fun and laughter. No parent knows what they’re doing all the time, even if it seems that way. Just like our kids, we’re learning and growing too, and that’s not just okay – it’s awesome.

Our doubts can guide us

When we can take a breath, and comfortably explore where our doubts are coming from, they can guide our next steps. Maybe we’re unsure around our kid’s screen-time. Rather than letting the doubt bog us down, let’s think through what steps we can take to feel comfortable. Maybe it’s about hearing other parents’ thoughts on screen-time. Or calling the folks at Parentline. Maybe it’s about chatting to the staff at school, checking out what advice our government offers, or joining a parent-group. We don’t have to feel stuck in uncertainty – let’s use our doubts as a guide for what we’re looking to learn.

Tease out our strengths

If we’ve come this far in life, then we’ve overcome some hurdles! So, let’s think back to those hurdles, and all the strengths we showed that pulled us through. Maybe we never give up. Maybe we know how to find the answers when we’re feeling unsure. Maybe we’re not afraid to ask for a hand. Maybe we’re patient and enduring. We all have strengths that have taken us to where we are today. Let’s draw on them.  

In Mindy’s story, we hear how Mindy found her love of craft to be a strength she could bring into raising her kids. Maybe our strengths don’t just pull us through hard times… maybe they’re also what give us our parenting edge!

Draw on the strengths of others

Feeling confident as a parent isn’t about knowing it all. Confidence is knowing where to go when we don’t know it all. So, let’s lean on the strengths and support of each other when we don’t know it all. We’re stronger as one, so let’s do this parenting thing together. 

Last Updated: 25 February 2021