Living playfully – it’s our turn!

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Tie their shoes. Pop on the sunscreen. Push the swing. Clean paint from their clothes. Pack away the toys. Hang-up the pasta necklaces, felt puppets and paper chains. Do you ever stop to think, when’s my turn? Well, it’s time to reclaim the play!

That’s the thing about being a grown-up. We get to decide what the day brings. So why not add some spaghetti to the structure, and make time to imagine, dream, get messy, be playful, and simply enjoy yourself!

We’ve heard about the importance of play for kids. But being playful is just as important for adults. It boosts general wellbeing, helps us stay strong during struggles, and makes us happier overall. And when we’ve got a lot on our shoulders, taking time to do something silly or interesting can be a nice distraction from our worries – a chance to refresh and refocus.

So where to start? When life has taught us routine and deadlines, being playful can feel awkward at first. It takes a bit of practice and loosening up. Start with something you know – maybe an old hobby you let go of, or something you loved as a kid. How about you grab the crayons with the kids and draw up some squiggles and shapes? In fact, we can take a lot of inspiration from our kids when it comes to having fun. So why not let them take the lead and show you how it’s done. And if you run out of ideas – try something new

We’ve even included one of our own resources to get you going. Download it now.

And if you’re finding you don’t have a lot of time for fun – if this parenting thing is just too stressful. Then have a look at the support services available at Because you and your kids deserve some time to enjoy yourselves. Rope some of your mates in to help-out too. It’s the Aussie way! 

Last Updated: 25 June 2020