Let nature put your thoughts in order


Imagine this – twigs crunching underfoot. Earthy scents hang in the cool air. Eucalyptus leaves rattling in the wind. A layered song of Aussie birds squawking, chirping and cooing above. 

Or maybe the salty air is more your thing? Moving waves – the ebb and flow. The wind carries sand, gently tickling your skin. Scents of sunscreen and seaweed. Maybe a dirty, wet dog drops a soggy ball at your feet (if you’re lucky).

Or it’s a backyard camp-out with the kids. Marshmallows, torchlight and crickets. A blanket of stars. Surrounded by those close to us. A good yarn with simple tucker.

Guess it’s true what they say – take time to get lost in nature and you’ll find yourself.

But when our focus is on loving our kids and building their lives, we can forget to take time to sit back, re-centre, and get our thoughts in order. To make sense of life and gain perspective. So that we have a clear idea of what we want. Where we’re going. And what help we need to get there.

Nature is a lifeforce for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Connection to Country is about going back to country, even taking off the shoes, feeling its healing force, and the spiritual and ancestral connection to the land and seas. It’s their strong and intimate connection with the land that makes them who they are.  

Other cultures have taught us forest bathing, which involves strolling slowly through nature and listening to the trees. They believe time spent in nature can fight illness in the body and mind.

Some mediate or practice yoga, balance, or stretching to build harmony between our mind and body.

Others walk trails and hike mountains. Or swim in cool water. Others simply make sure to take a moment to look up, each day, and take notice of the sky – clouds, moon, stars.

Across Queensland we have a rich tapestry of land to meet with and get to know. We live in cities, small towns, at the top of mountains, on farms, and by the beach – our land of sweeping plains.

So, what works for you? Get out there. By yourself. With a mate (keep that 1.5m apart). Or make it a habit with the kids. And let nature put your thoughts in order.

Last Updated: 30 July 2020