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I helped my cousin who is a single dad and what I noticed was he was struggling because he’s in a foreign place. He’s come from community down to Cairns which is quite metropolitan and I found that he was struggling to make ends meet. No one goes to visit him. So I went and visited him one day and he was down in the dumps and, basically, we were talking for a couple of hours and we got onto the subject of what I was having for dinner. So, I said to him, “I was having lasagne”, and he said, “Oh, I love lasagne. Me and my child love lasagne”. And I said to him, “WellI’ll make you some. I’ll make you some lasagne one day”.

Basically, I made it that afternoon and I thought, “Well, why can’t I take it around today and give it to him?”. So I did that and I took it around to him that afternoon and he was really overwhelmed. His daughter got into it straight away. Yeah, it made me feel good. He was quite overwhelmed. He didn’t think I was, you know, when you’re talking in those kinds of conversations people don’t expect you to do that. So, he was quite overwhelmed – couldn’t thank me enough. He knew that someone was there for him.

Last Updated: 25 June 2020