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I met a lady the other day in the women’s shelter named Patty. She had 3 kids, 2 daughters and 1 son. And she’s a white lady, a white girl and we became very good friends. When I first met Patty. So I was sick, when we first moved there, I had the flu. Cause of my daughter she was only 1 years old. And Patty asked me if I needed help and, you know, we were both, we were both down at that time. Cause we moved in at the same time. Like, I moved in that day and Patty moved in about 7 o’clock that evening and so we got to know each other from then.

You know, we would talk and cry. Because Patty had 3 kids, we talked and we sort of became, like, sisters, you know. She would go out and go shopping and she would always buy me and my daughter something and when I go out I buy something for her and her kids and there were other people, other ladies among there too. It felt really good. Like, I would take the kids to church with me on Sundays, you know, give Patty a rest. Like she would be like, cleaning the house, like, we’d take turns, every lady would take turns to clean the lounge room and playground for our kids to play. So on Sundays I’d always take the kids and then we’d all go out and meet other parents. Well because I’m strong myself, you know. But there was a time I felt down, because, when my daughter missed, you know cried for her father, but what else can we do because he’snot there all the time for her. And meeting Patty, like, it was really something nice, you know. Like, it lift me up again, like I was strong.

We both felt the same. Cause I help her out and, like, we both come from different culture, you know. Like, she’s white and I’m a Torres Strait Islander but we get to know each other. Like, I learned something from her and she learned something from me. I even teached the kids Island sing and Patty too. With Paty, she’s always been there. Even though I’ve moved from woman shelter.I had my own place, you know. And she was at Fraser Islander, she and her husband still drive up to come and see us. Like we have that sisterly bond with us. So nice. We’ll be on the phone and talking to each other. Even her husband, he came sort of a brother to me. They just listen to me. Especially when I’m down or I just need someone to talk to. But after a while I felt so good because I take everything out of me and it’s really good, you know.

Last Updated: 25 June 2020