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See it’s good to talk to the young mothers so that they can talk to other young mothers, you know, to just to encourage them to speak. Like, if I see someone having a bit of problems, like, I always wait til her partner goes, then I go and I sit down and I talk with her, and make her to realise, like you know, you come first. Like, it’s you, you are the one, to encourage her to lift her spirit up. But mostly the ones, all the young ones, they need to listed, especially the ones with no babies, yeah no kids.

They need their role model, like, to tell them what’s ahead of them first. Cause it’s what we went through and you find it. That’s what I tell my daughter. Like, you have to be careful, you know. She’s 13 now next month and I told her, like, be careful. Because it hurts, when, you know, love hurts and when you fall, you will never stay where you are, but you will fall. Because for the last 15 years, when I was with my daughter’s father, I was low, like, my self-esteem was really low. But when I walked out, I left him, everything just raised.

My self-esteem just went from the lowest to the highest. I use to put myself down. I use to hate myself. I use to do a lot of bad things to myself, until I realised that it wasn’t me. See it’s good to talk to the young mothers, so they can talk to other young mothers, you know, just to encourage them to speak. Oh it feels good. Really good. It’s more like, I’ve got nothing, more like, you’re walking around with stones in you, really heavy and then when you talk to someone else and you tell them your story, it’s more like you’re letting it go, out of you. And then all of a sudden you’re not heavy anymore.

Last Updated: 25 June 2020