Ch…ch…ch changes!

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Image of leaves changing seasons

The only thing certain in life is change. Big and small. They happen all through life. New jobs and routines, parental leave, going back to work after a break, kids changing schools, moving house, financial changes, new babies, separations and new family relationships. The list goes on. The little things can make you want to pull your hair out…so, it’s no surprise bigger changes can feel shocking or devastating.

But change can bring good things too. Especially if we give ourselves time. They can help us to grow. They can make us more confident and wise. And when we think back to moments of change throughout our lives, we’ve survived them all. We’ve got this far.

So, think about it. What were the things that got you through those times? Maybe you’re good at staying calm during chaos? Maybe you’re a whizz at planning new routines? Or maybe you’re really good at winging it and getting creative during times of change. It’s important to remember yours and your family’s strengths. Ask your children what they think they’re good at too and how that might help them through a period of transition. Involving them in some of the planning can make things easier for everyone.

Keep in mind its normal to bounce between positive and negative thinking. But very few things in life are all good or bad. Most are a mix. So, notice your thoughts and make sure to not just note the frustrations, but also the excitement and all the bits in between.

And remember, when things change its normal to feel a bit exhausted. Even a different bus route means new sights and sounds that can zap your energy. So be kind to yourself and your kids for needing some extra rest or support. Get in touch with any wise people in your life that you could chat with. Ask a mate to lend a hand. Or head to and make use of some of the professional support we have throughout Queensland. 

And one day, when things feel more settled. And when the season of change is over. Because it is just a season. The weather does change. Look back at how well you did. Then you’ll know that you can face the future and all its changes with that bit more confidence.

Last Updated: 25 June 2020