Are you feeling #mumdown?

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You know the feeling: The endless cycle of school drop-offs and pick-ups has become mind numbing. The struggle of getting the kids ready for school without tantrums has drained you of energy. You’re feeling more run down than usual, and it’s that special type of run down that comes with being a mum.

 It’s #mumdown.

 #mumdown happens when you least expect it.

You’ve done all the washing. You even put half of it away. But just when you’re congratulating yourself on being super human, you find yourself in tears because the grocery shop is out of your favourite cereal. That’s #mumdown.

Or you’ve been to parent-teacher interviews. You’ve dealt with the tradies fixing your bathroom. You’ve helped your elderly mother organise her medications for the week. Basically, you’re a queen of organisation. But then you can’t find the matching lid for the Tupperware container and you feel like you’re about to explode. That’s #mumdown.

Somehow, mums manage to stretch modest budgets to cover bills, groceries, school excursions and a few treats for the kids. They stay calm while dealing with squabbling children, grazed knees and bleeding noses. They care for elderly parents while raising children and also working or taking care of a household. But then, along comes the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Can #mumdown be avoided? Probably not. It seems to come with the territory. There’s always something – big or small – that can trip you up. But there are a few things you can keep in a #mumdown first-aid kit, for those #mumdown moments.

  1. Kindness and understanding – for yourself. Being a parent is a tough job, and doesn’t come with 4 weeks’ annual leave. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that sometimes you run out of “get up and go”.
  2. The knowledge that it’s ok to ask for help. No-one sails through life without facing challenges and needing a hand. Our research has shown most parents struggle and need help sometimes.
  3. A support network. Whether they’re your life-long best buddies or mums you met at the school gate, people who can listen without judgement and offer practical support are a vital part of your #mumdown first-aid kit. Not sure who could be part of your support network, or how to ask for help? Here are some tips about who to ask for help and starting the conversation.
  4. Trusted professionals and services. Many parents have told us that doctors, nurses, midwives and child health clinics are their most trusted professional sources of information and assistance. To find the professional or service that’s right for your #mumdown first-aid kit, use the oneplace community services directory to search in your local area. The directory lists thousands of services around Queensland that provide support to parents and families.

The Talking Families Facebook community is also a great place to get tips about dealing with #mumdown moments, so why not join us?

Last Updated: 25 June 2020